tummy tuck options

Tummy tuck procedures are extremely popular, but there is no one-size-fits-all tummy tuck. These days, patients have a number of options over the type of tummy tuck they want to undergo.

Here, we’ll look at the different types of tummy tucks on offer and how to decide which one is right for you.

What is a tummy tuck procedure?

Weight fluctuations, pregnancy and even the ageing process can all affect the appearance of the abdomen. Sagging skin, excess fat, lack of muscle tone can be treated with a tummy tuck, medically known as an abdominoplasty.

There are numerous types of tummy tuck procedures available, each aimed at targeting different areas. Whichever procedure you choose, it can help to tighten up the abdomen, leaving you with flatter, more defined results.

What different types are available?

In order to achieve the results, you’re expecting, you’ll need to make sure you’re choosing the right type of tummy tuck. Your main options include:

  • Mini tummy tuck
  • Standard with or without muscle repair
  • Extended tummy tuck
  • Circumferential tummy tuck
  • Fleur de lis tummy tuck

A standard or full tummy tuck is still the most common procedure carried out. It focuses on improving the entire abdomen area, helping to remove saggy skin and, if required, tighten the abdominal wall muscles which can become stretched. A lengthy incision is made across the abdomen just above the pubic area and Mr Nigel Horlock can target the full length of the abdomen.

With a mini tummy tuck, it tends to focus on the part of the abdomen just below your navel. A single incision is made before the skin is smoothed down and adjusted. It can also address muscle tightness in this area, yet it doesn’t produce the same extensive results as a full tummy tuck.

An extended tummy tuck is carried out to remove excess skin and fat on the hips and flanks. It tends to involve quite a large incision and this allows Mr Horlock to remove and smooth down large areas of skin easily. It is usually combined with liposuction for the best results.

A circumferential abdominoplasty, also known as a belt lipectomy, recontours the whole trunk. As well as treating the abdomen and flanks, it also excises excess skin on the lower back and lifts the buttocks. It is most commonly performed on patients that have lost a massive amount of weight, often as a result of bariatric surgery.

A fleur de lis tummy tuck is similar to a standard tummy tuck, but gets its name from the shape of the incision that Mr Horlock makes. A panel of skin is removed that is shaped like the three petals of the fleur de lis and it is particularly suited to those that have an extreme amount of excess skin removed. Underlying excess fat can be removed and muscles repaired if required and then the remaining skin is pulled together to produce a more shapely contour to the abdomen.

Which is the most effective?

All of the tummy tuck procedures on offer can be extremely effective. However, you’ll need to ensure you’re choosing the right one to fit your needs.

Think about how much excess skin you have and the amount of tightening that the abdomen needs. You’ll also want to consider the type of scar you’re happy with. The mini tummy tuck produces the least noticeable scarring, hiding the incision within the bikini line. A full tummy tuck produces a larger scar, but the extended tummy tuck will leave you with the most noticeable scarring.

Mr Horlock will be able to recommend which tummy tuck procedure is best for you during your consultation. He will take into account the results you’re hoping to achieve, alongside the severity of the excess skin and fat. Sometimes, liposuction is also carried out alongside the tummy tuck for best results.

Book a consultation today to see which Southampton tummy tuck procedure would be most effective for you.