facelift surgery

The expected cosmetic trends for 2020 have been released by The Aesthetic Society, and it appears the facelift is making a comeback.

While facelifts have always been one of the more popular procedures carried out, this year is set to see a rise in the number of patients requesting them. Here, we’ll look at why the facelift is set to experience a comeback and the other procedures set to feature heavily throughout the year.

Why is there set to be a rise in facelift procedures?

Traditional facelift procedures have decreased in popularity in recent years. This has been down to newer, less invasive treatments being offered. Numerous treatments such as wrinkle treatments and fillers have proven successful at reducing lines and wrinkles quickly and virtually painlessly.

However, while these non-invasive treatments can produce fantastic short-term results, they really don’t compare to those experienced via a traditional facelift. Patients are starting to realise that these treatments are more of an enhancement than a replacement for surgery.

The biggest improvements come from a cheek and a neck lift, provided they are performed correctly.

What does a facelift involve?

There are actually numerous different types of facelifts you can undergo. However, a traditional facelift will involve making an incision within the hairline, before the skin is separated from the tissue underneath. Excess fat is removed, and the facial muscles are tightened. When carried out by an experienced surgeon, it can make you look up to 10 years younger.

After the surgery, your face will need to be wrapped with bandages in order to promote wound healing and prevent infection. These are typically removed before you leave the hospital. You’ll also have drains situated behind the ears to collect excess fluid and blood.

Other methods include keyhole surgery which is typically used for things such as a brow lift. This involves making small incisions then using a telescopic camera inserted into them to show which muscles need to be tightened and where excess fat needs to be removed.

What other procedures are set to be big this year?

As well as facelifts, The Aesthetic Society also predicts some other procedures set to be huge this year. They include:

  • The daddy makeover
  • Baby Botox
  • Non-invasive treatments

More men than ever before are choosing to go under the knife to improve their appearance. This year, it is thought that liposuction and male breast reduction will be particularly popular.

Baby Botox is a type of targeted Botox treatment which results in much more natural results. Only small amounts of Botox are injected into targeted areas of the face. There is also set to be a boom in non-invasive procedures due to advancements in technology.

Overall, patients looking to turn back the clock would do well to consider undergoing a facelift procedure. You can book a consultation today to discuss your facelift options and identify the best technique to match your requirements. In terms of long-lasting results, traditional facelifts are much more effective than non-invasive treatments.