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Protect Your Eyelids from Ageing in the Sun

We have already seen record temperatures and unusually sunny days this summer in the UK. With further heat waves expected, now is the perfect time to start thinking about keeping the body protected. While it’s natural to want to enjoy the beautiful weather that we have been treated to this year, it can cause havoc […]

BAPRAS Addresses Backlog of Breast Reconstruction Surgeries

Like many types of cosmetic surgery, breast reconstruction procedures took a backseat due to the pandemic. Unfortunately, this has left a huge backlog of patients waiting to undergo the surgery. Now, the BAPRAS (British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons), has addressed the backlog, stating procedures should now be able to be carried out […]

Popular Cosmetic Surgery Procedures This Summer

Ready to achieve the body you’ve always dreamed of this summer? With only weeks to go until summer finally arrives, now is the perfect time to undergo body-contouring procedures. The question is, which cosmetic surgeries are better for delivering perfect summer body results? In this blog, we reveal some of the most popular cosmetic surgery […]

Planning a Holiday After a Breast Procedure?

After having a breast procedure, you’ll understandably be wanting to show off your new assets as quickly as possible. However, before you jet off on holiday, it’s important to understand the risks. Can you fly soon after the surgery? And is it safe to top up your tan while recovering? These are just a couple […]

Why Younger Women Are Choosing Eyelid Surgery

Think you might be too young for eyelid surgery? While these types of procedures used to be popular with patients in their 50s and 60s, in recent years there has been a rise in the number of younger people choosing eyelid surgeries. So, what is driving the trend and why might you want to undergo […]

Scientists Discover Anti-Aging Technique

A group of UK scientists claim to have discovered a new anti-aging technique that can reverse the signs of aging. The technique, which involves rejuvenating skin cells, is said to help rewind the signs of aging by up to 30 years. If found to be true, this exciting discovery could revolutionise anti-aging treatments. So, what […]

Setting Back Prominent Ears

Around 1-2% of people in the UK consider themselves to have prominent ears. Most of the time, they develop due to genetic factors. However, they can also occur due to the fold that tucks the top of the outer ear in (the antithetical fold) failing to develop correctly. Additional cartilage within the concha area can […]

Surgeries Giving Natural Results Meet New Trend

Cosmetic surgery trends have long been driven by celebrity influence. However, the number of patients trying to imitate their favourite stars by changing their appearance is decreasing. Now, a new trend is taking over which focuses on individuality and surgeries giving natural results. This means tailoring procedures to suit each individual. Here, we’ll take a […]

How Can You Prevent Jowls?

Did you know that most people develop jowls as they age? Located underneath the chin, the saggy areas of skin are typically caused by ageing. The level of sagging can vary but left untreated, they can cause issues with self-confidence. So, what causes jowls to develop in the first place and is it purely down […]

The Most Common Chin Concerns

Did you know the size and shape of your chin can have a significant impact on your overall appearance? Whether you have a long, prominent, strong, or weak chin, it can cause issues with self-confidence. Over time, the appearance of the chin can alter. This can lead to issues with insecurity and in some cases, […]