benefits of a neck lift

Anti-ageing treatments typically target the face, but if you want the best results it’s worth getting your neck done too. Many patients forget that the neck can be a real giveaway in terms of age. Just like the skin on the face, it can start to droop and sag as well as develop wrinkles as we get older.

The question is, how can you anti-age your neck? Below, you’ll discover some of the best treatment options available which target the neck area.

#1 Keep it sun protected

You know how important it is to protect the skin against the sun, but are you stringent about applying it to your neck too? If not, it’s time to start lathering on the sun lotion to protect the neck from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Sun damage is one of the leading causes of skin ageing. So, if you want to keep your neck

looking as young as possible, you are going to want to protect it against the sun.

#2 Undergo a surgical neck lift

Of course, using sun lotion only protects the neck from UV damage. It doesn’t do anything for the signs of ageing you may already have. If you’re looking to treat existing signs of ageing, a surgical neck lift could be the answer.

Much like a facelift, a neck lift works by eliminating excess skin and tightening up the muscles. This results in a drastically younger appearance. Sometimes liposuction is also used in combination with the lift for best results.

#3 Liposuction

If the issue with the neck is mostly down to excess fat, liposuction can be a great treatment choice. These days liposuction procedures are mostly used to remove small pockets of fat. This makes it ideal for use on the chin and jaw area. After liposuction, the neck appears younger and more contoured.

#4 Non-surgical vs surgical methods

You’ll find you have a range of surgical and non-surgical anti-ageing neck treatments to choose from. For a non-surgical neck lift, Coolsculpting employs an innovative fat freezing technology to produce a more contoured neck and reduce the appearance of your double chin. Fat dissolving injections can be very effective for dissolving smaller pockets of fat, such as the submental fat, or fat pocket under the chin, with very little downtime.

A common cause of ageing in the neck is the sagging of the platysma muscles. This pair of muscles are located in the centre of the neck and sit tightly side by side when you’re younger. As you get older, the muscles start to separate and two lines appear in neck and, over time, the lines become wider and move lower. Botulinum toxin can be used to soften the appearance of the muscle bands in the neck.

While non-surgical treatments do have their benefits, they don’t produce the same level of results as surgical treatments. They also don’t last anywhere near as long. Often, they need to be maintained regularly to continue seeing results. They are also limited in what they can achieve. So, if you do have signs of ageing that need to be addressed, surgical treatments are better for more drastic, long-term results.

As you can see, there are a number of treatment options to anti-age the neck. Surgical treatments do tend to be most effective and you won’t need to maintain them as frequently. However, before undergoing any treatment it’s important to undergo a consultation with an experienced cosmetic surgeon. They will be able to assess your neck and recommend the best treatment option for you.