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Top 3 Targeted Facial Rejuvenation Procedures

When you’re thinking about undergoing cosmetic surgery to achieve a more youthful look, a full facelift might seem like the obvious option. However, did you know you can achieve a dramatic transformation with a less extensive procedure? Here, we’ll look at 3 small tweaks you can make to the face that will make a big […]

5 Facts About Liposuction

If you’re thinking of undergoing liposuction, it’s important to familiarise yourself with the procedure. Like all procedures, lipo does come with some risks and limitations. There are also different types of liposuction you can undergo too. Here are some lipo facts you might not be aware of, although to help you fully understand the procedure – […]

Will Weight Loss or Gain Affect My Cosmetic Surgery?

Whether you’re looking to undergo cosmetic surgery, or you’ve recently had a procedure, you may be wondering how weight gain or loss could impact the results. While the answer largely depends upon a number of individual factors, the truth is any change in weight can impact the results. Here, you’ll discover how weight fluctuations could […]

Understanding Capsular Contracture After Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures that has been carried out for decades. While its safety has been dramatically improved over the years, there are still risks patients need to be aware of before they undergo the procedure. Capsular contracture is one of the main complications that can occur after breast […]

Which tummy tuck is best for me?

Tummy tuck procedures are extremely popular, but there is no one-size-fits-all tummy tuck. These days, patients have a number of options over the type of tummy tuck they want to undergo. Here, we’ll look at the different types of tummy tucks on offer and how to decide which one is right for you. What is […]

Return of the facelift in 2020

The expected cosmetic trends for 2020 have been released by The Aesthetic Society, and it appears the facelift is making a comeback. While facelifts have always been one of the more popular procedures carried out, this year is set to see a rise in the number of patients requesting them. Here, we’ll look at why […]

Tummy Tuck FAQs

Tummy tucks are a very common cosmetic procedure, designed to flatten and tone the abdominal area. Carried out for decades, this surgical procedure remains one of the most popular treatments today. However, before you rush in and have a tummy tuck, it’s worth doing your research to learn more about the procedure. Here, you’ll discover […]

New Facelift Technique Developed for Bald Men

Researchers have proposed a new facelift technique which would be suitable for bald men. In a traditional facelift procedure, the scars are often placed on the hairline. However, in the case of bald men, there is no hairline to hide the facelift scars, posing a real issue for cosmetic surgeons. The new technique, highlighted in […]

New Guidance on Breast Implant Safety Released

Although breast augmentation has improved drastically over the years, there are still some risks and complications present. There have been a number of safety concerns over breast implants in recent years. To address these concerns, new guidelines on breast implant safety have been released. In a joint statement, the BAPRAS, BAAPS and ABS have provided […]