Having larger, fuller breasts isn’t always considered a good thing. Not only can they lead to embarrassment for some women, but they can also prove to be uncomfortable too. Larger breasts can link to back pain and it can be difficult finding clothing that fits properly. So, in these cases, a breast reduction may be a great option. Here, we’ll look at some the breast reduction benefits you could enjoy.

Breast reduction benefits: relieve neck and back pain

If your breasts are particularly large, they could be causing neck or back pain. This is particularly true if you have quite a small frame. The weight of the breasts can put a lot of pressure onto the neck, back and shoulders, as well as contribute towards poor posture. So, undergoing a breast reduction could help to ease the pain and take a lot of pressure off the body.

Breast reduction benefits: resolve issues with asymmetry

Often, women with larger breasts experience some degree of breast asymmetry. One breast could be larger or smaller than the other, and they may hang slightly differently too. A breast reduction can help to resolve any issues with asymmetry you may have, resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing cleavage. It will help you to achieve a shape and size that you are most comfortable with.

Breast reduction benefits: expect to feel more confident

If your larger breasts impact your confidence, you won’t be experiencing the best quality of life. Having a reduction can help you regain your confidence, enabling you to wear more flattering clothing, partake in activities you may have otherwise avoided, and make you feel much more comfortable within your own skin.

Breast reduction benefits: enjoy perkier breasts

Did you know that having a breast reduction can also give you perkier breasts? All reduction procedures tend to include a breast lift. This means, not only will you get that smaller size that you want, but they will also look perkier too.

Breast reduction benefits: exercise more and breathe better

Bigger breasts can cause a range of issues, and not being able to perform some types of exercises are just one of them. For example, you may find it difficult running, biking, lifting weights or hiking when your breasts are larger. Therefore, having a reduction can open up a wide range of different exercises you can start to do.

As an additional benefit, you’ll also find it much easier to breathe. The weight of larger breasts can place pressure onto the lungs, potentially causing breathing difficulties. After having a reduction, you’ll, therefore, find your breathing is much better, which will, in turn, benefit your overall health.

These are just some of the great benefits a breast reduction procedure can provide. As you can see, the procedure offers both cosmetic and practical benefits. The fact it can also improve your health is definitely a reason to consider having the procedure done. However, before booking a breast reduction, it’s crucial you undergo a consultation to establish whether or not it’s the right option for you.