Undergoing a labiaplasty can be incredibly daunting, but it’s typically a fairly quick and straightforward procedure. Carried out to reduce the size, or appearance of the labia, the procedure has become increasingly popular in recent years.

If you’re considering undergoing a labiaplasty, it’s a good idea to learn everything you can about the procedure, including the recovery process. In order to get the best results, it’s crucial you follow the labiaplasty recovery instructions provided by the surgeon. While each patient’s recovery is slightly different, here, you’ll discover how quickly you can expect to recover from a labiaplasty.

How long will a labiaplasty take to heal?

In total, it usually takes up to six weeks to heal fully from a labiaplasty. For the first few days after the procedure, you may experience some pain and discomfort. You’ll also likely experience bruising and swelling, though pain medication may be prescribed to help make the pain and discomfort more manageable. During these first few days, it’s crucial you get plenty of rest and walk around as little as possible.

Within a week, some bruising and swelling may still persist, but any pain should have largely subsided. You’ll usually be able to return to work within a week, and normal physical activity may be resumed. You may experience a lot of itchiness at this point, though it’s really important to avoid scratching the area while it heals.

Within three to four weeks after the surgery, you’ll be able to resume more strenuous physical activities. If you have dissolvable stitches, these should also have gone by this time. You may still be advised to avoid sexual intercourse and the use of tampons up until week six.

On week six, you should be 90% healed, and you’ll get to see part of the final results of the surgery. However, be aware that you won’t see the full results of the labiaplasty until around four to six months.

Will there be scarring after a labiaplasty?

Minor scarring will be present due to the small incisions made during the surgery. However, you’ll typically find that the scars blend into the labia tissue, as well as hide behind natural folds and wrinkles.

Top labiaplasty recovery tips to follow

The above advice is just a general outlook of what to expect from labiaplasty recovery. All patients recover differently, so it’s important to follow the advice given to you by the surgeon.

You’ll need to make sure you’re attending all of your follow-up appointments, and ensure you wear loose-fitting underwear until you’re fully healed. You may also want to avoid wiping the area with toilet paper, instead washing it with warm water. Ensuring you get plenty of rest is also important, and you may find it more comfortable to use a doughnut pillow during the first week after the surgery.

As you can see, the recovery process of a labiaplasty is fairly straightforward. Provided you follow your surgeon’s post-op advice, you should be fully healed within six weeks. Never try to resume normal activities until your surgeon approves it, otherwise, you could jeopardise the results.