natural results from plastic surgery

Looking to achieve natural results from your plastic surgery? While in the past, going under the knife delivered a fake, plastic appearance, these days improved aesthetic techniques produce a much more naturally-beautiful look.

There are a few things to keep in mind when you are trying to achieve natural results through surgery. Here, you’ll discover some of the best ways to get that natural look when going under the knife.

Ensure you are physically healthy

Before undergoing any type of surgery, it is important that you are generally healthy. This ensures the risks of the surgery are reduced.

Ideally you should be of average weight, and a non-smoker. If you do smoke, quitting a few weeks prior to the surgery is recommended. This is because smoking is well known to affect the results of surgery. It can increase the risks, as well as cause issues with wound healing.

If you do experience complications due to poor health, it can reduce the quality of results, resulting in an unnatural look.

Choose an experienced surgeon

One of the best ways to make sure you receive natural results, is to choose your surgeon carefully. The more experienced the surgeon is in the type of surgery you are undergoing, the better the results will be.

You should also make sure that the surgeon is fully certified. Even the best surgeons can’t always prevent complications from developing. However, choosing a skilled surgeon is certainly going to help to reduce the risks and ensure you achieve the best results.

Make sure your expectations are realistic

Something you should ask yourself before undergoing cosmetic surgery, is whether your expectations are realistic. Many people go into cosmetic surgery thinking it will produce far greater results than it actually will.

The best way to ensure your expectations are realistic, is to talk them through with the surgeon. During your consultation, you will be able to ask what kind of results you can expect and whether you are choosing the right procedure. It could be that in order to achieve the results you want, a combination of procedures will be required.

Research the different surgery techniques

Did you know that the technique used within your cosmetic surgery procedure can also impact results? Choosing a surgeon skilled in both the traditional as well as the latest techniques is going to be your best option. Mr Nigel Horlock is an expert in a full range of cosmetic surgery procedures for the face, breasts and body.

There are lots of ways to get natural looking results from plastic surgery. For example, if you are considering breast augmentation, you might consider a smaller sized implant. And you might achieve a more youthful looking face from an eyelid lift and/or a brow lift, instead of opting for full facelift surgery. The incision type that you choose for any surgical treatment, will also ensure that scars are well hidden.

Mr Horlock believes that consultation is essential for a good outcome in aesthetic surgery. Book a consultation with Mr Horlock today, to talk through your different treatment options and get the results that you want to achieve.