Eyelid Surgery

If you are looking to improve your facial appearance, there are several types of surgery you can undergo. When the problem is mostly around the eye area, two procedures you may benefit from include eyelid surgery and a brow lift.

Both these procedures can deliver excellent results. So, how do you know which one is right for you? Discover everything you need to know below.

What is eyelid surgery?

Eyelid surgery medically referred to as Blepharoplasty can be carried out on the upper or lower lid. The procedure is designed to help improve the functionality and appearance of the eyelids. When done correctly, it can eliminate a hooded appearance, while smoothing out the eye area for a more refreshed look.

The procedure is carried out by creating a small incision along the eyelids’ natural crease. Excess fat and skin are removed before the area is closed. You can have one or both eyelids corrected, and it can be carried out alongside other procedures for best results.

What is a brow lift?

In a brow lift procedure, the brows are moved upwards to create a younger, fresher look. You can undergo a full brow lift or a lateral brow lift. The latter is a mini procedure that raises just the outer portion of the brow.

In a standard brow lift procedure, an incision will be made along the hairline. The surgeon will then work to move the brows to a better position before closing. You will notice forehead lines are typically improved after the procedure, making it a good alternative to a facelift.

Which procedure is right for you?

When deciding whether an eyelid or a brow lift is right for you, consider what the main problem is you are trying to fix.
A good tip to see which procedure might work better for you is to place your finger along the brow, lifting it up to a higher position. If this lifts up the excess skin, it’s likely you’ll need a brow lift procedure. However, if saggy skin remains, the problem is more likely to be your eyelids.

In some cases, you may benefit from a combined eyelid and brow lift. In your initial consultation, Mr Horlock can take you through the different options to help you determine which is right for you.

Understanding the risks and complications

Before undergoing any procedure, it’s important to take into account the risks and complications. Both a brow lift and an eyelid lift can lead to complications such as:

  • Issues with asymmetry
  • Changes within your skin sensation
  • Scarring
  • Pain and bruising

You can find out more about the risks and complications during your initial consultation.

Both procedures require very little downtime and they each come with their pros and cons. To find out which procedure is right for you, book a consultation with Mr Horlock today.