cosmetic surgery demand

The latest figures from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) has revealed an overall drop in procedures. However, some treatments still remain popular despite the dwindling numbers.

Body contouring surgery has proven to be one of the biggest in-demand procedures currently carried out. Popular with both men and women, it was one of the few treatments which experienced an increase in figures.

Here, we’ll look at the latest figures released by the BAAPS and why body contouring is still very much in demand.

Understanding the latest cosmetic surgery figures

The latest figures show that there was a total of 27,000 procedures carried out in the UK in 2019. This sees a 7.5% decrease in overall procedures compared to the year before. Women accounted for 92% of procedures, while men accounted for just 8% of the total.

The most popular procedures in women included breast augmentation, breast reduction and abdominoplasty. However, despite their continued popularity, breast augmentation saw a decrease of 11% and breast reductions saw a fall of 2%. Abdominoplasty was the only procedure out of the three to see an increase of 7%.

For men, a lower body lift was the most popular procedure, up by 88% from the year before. Other popular treatments include Botox and fillers, helping to provide a younger appearance without going under the knife.

These figures clearly show body contouring surgery is the preferred treatment for both men and women.

The popularity of body contouring procedures

There are a few reasons why body contouring procedures remain popular despite falling figures. The majority of body contouring procedures are minimally invasive. Reduced recovery times and more precise results attract thousands of patients to these procedures.

In recent years, there has been a shift to more natural-looking cosmetic surgery results. Body contouring procedures give patients the natural results they’re looking for. While they can’t drastically change their appearance, they can certainly enhance it.

Another contributing factor behind the rise in body contouring procedures is that it is virtually painless. Newer methods are being continuously introduced, allowing treatments to be carried out quickly and painlessly.

The rise of the lower body lift and abdominoplasty

Two body contouring procedures which have experienced the biggest increase in popularity are the lower body lift and abdominoplasty. A lower body lift aims to tighten and sculpt the thighs, buttocks, abdomen and hips. It is a more intensive procedure than other body contouring methods and it produces fantastic results. Abdominoplasty procedures focus solely on the tummy area, helping to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat while tightening up the tummy muscles.

These days, there are a lot of different body contouring procedures available. If you’re considering undergoing a body contouring procedure, it’s worth booking a consultation with an experienced surgeon. This will help you to establish which procedure is right for you, alongside giving you the opportunity to learn more about the results you can expect. No cosmetic procedure should be undertaken lightly so always do your research before deciding if it’s right for you.