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The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) has reported a 102% increase in cosmetic procedures in 2022 compared to the previous year. Women accounted for 93% of all cosmetic procedures, marking an increase of 101% from 2021. The two most common procedures were breast surgeries – breast augmentation, which saw a 66% increase, and breast reduction, which reported a startling 120% rise.

Women have all kinds of concerns about the size and shape of their breasts. While these concerns are completely normal, there are ways to address them if they are causing distress.

Here, we look at why breasts vary so much in shape and size, and the main concerns that drive women to choose cosmetic breast surgery.

What Causes Different Breast Sizes and Shapes?

Breasts come in all shapes and sizes, influenced by factors ranging from genetics and ageing to pregnancy, surgery and weight fluctuations. Many women may have aesthetic preferences for their bust size, shape, or how it sits on their chest, and these can be addressed through both surgical and non-surgical interventions.

Some women may require a correction after a previous cosmetic breast surgery when they are no longer happy with the results. This may involve a revision, or a breast implant removal procedure.

The Concerns Different Breasts Sizes Present

When breasts are noticeably different in size, it can cause a range of issues. Your clothes might fit awkwardly, and finding the right bra can become a never-ending quest.

It isn’t just the practical aspects that can be a cause for concern. Uneven breasts can sometimes affect a woman’s self-confidence, making her feel self-conscious and less comfortable in her own skin.

Those who aren’t happy with their breasts often find it has an impact on their day to day lives. For example, women with larger breasts may avoid wearing low-cut tops, or venturing out in public altogether. They may also find some types of exercises difficult. Similarly, women with smaller breasts can lose confidence – sometimes feeling there is a disproportion between their hips and breasts.

These are just some of the issues women have when it comes to the size and shape of their breasts. The beauty of cosmetic surgery lies in its ability to address and alleviate individual concerns with customisable options for patients.

Changing the Size and Shape of the Breasts

Whether it’s breast augmentation to increase natural breast size and volume or to improve symmetry, a breast reduction to eliminate discomfort, or a breast lift to restore firmness and shape, these procedures can bring balance to your body and boost your confidence.

The crucial part is choosing a surgical procedure that’s right for you, tailored to your unique body and your personal desires. Breast implants are customisable, coming in different shapes and sizes. Also, the incision location can vary – for example, along the areola, under the breast, through the underarm or even through the navel.

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