When it comes to altering the breasts, there are several cosmetic breast surgery procedures available to patients. Breast augmentation with breast implants remains the most popular procedure in the UK, but the breast lift and breast reduction are excellent options for women looking to change the position of the breasts or alter their size and shape.

The question is, how can patients tell which procedure they need? To help you make the best decision, below you’ll discover the difference between a breast lift and a breast reduction.

What is a breast lift?

Also referred to as mastopexy, a breast lift is used to correct sagging breasts. The procedure supports and reshapes the breast tissue, helping to produce a more youthful look and it can be used to restore shape and volume after breastfeeding, due to age or after weight loss.

The position of the breasts is altered and can result in the breasts appearing smaller. No tissue is removed, only excess skin and the nipples and areola are also typically moved and made to look smaller for a more natural finish.

What is a breast reduction?

Also referred to as a reduction mammoplasty, a breast reduction significantly reduces the volume of the breasts. The procedure involves the removal of breast tissue, excess skin and fat.

Once the procedure has been performed, many women notice a lift in the breasts too. Like a breast lift, the areola can also be reduced.

The difference between a breast lift and a breast reduction

As both a breast lift and a breast reduction can result in smaller, perkier breasts, how can you tell which one is right for you? Well, it all comes down to your reasons for wanting the procedure.

If your breasts are typically quite heavy, a breast reduction would be the best option. This is because it would remove much more volume than a breast lift, which largely aims to lift up the breasts, rather than minimise them. If the issue is more to do with correcting sagging of the breasts rather than their size, then a breast lift procedure would be the better option.

It’s worth noting that you can undergo a combination of a breast lift and a breast reduction. Many women find that a combination approach gives them the results they are looking for. However, in order to determine which one is right for you, it is important to undergo a consultation. Southampton plastic surgeon Mr Nigel Horlock will be able to assess your needs and identify the best procedure to help you achieve the desired results.