facelift recovery

A facelift is a highly effective, yet major cosmetic surgery. Knowing what to expect from the recovery period before you embark on this procedure is important.

Here, you will discover what to expect during each week of your facelift recovery. Keep in mind that these are only general guidelines, and exact timings will vary between patients.

What to expect in the first week of your facelift recovery

You will usually return home immediately after the procedure. Your face will be protected by dressings which will need to be left alone until your one-week check-up.

It isn’t unusual to experience some level of discomfort during the first week of your recovery. This can typically be managed with prescribed, or over the counter painkillers. Mr Horlock will provide advice on how to stay comfortable throughout your recovery before you return home.

It is important to get as much rest as you can during this period. This will allow the body to recover quickly.

What to expect in week two

In week two, you should start to feel any pain and discomfort subsiding. You will be able to return to light daily activities, though some bruising and swelling may remain. Some patients report experiencing tightness, numbness, and tingling throughout week two. This is completely normal, and it will reside by itself.

What to expect in weeks three and four

By week three, you should be feeling much more like yourself. If your sutures weren’t removed in weeks one to two, they will be removed now. Some patients still experience a little tightness and swelling at this stage. However, you will also start to see significant differences in the contour of the face. The incision site may still be a little pink in colour, but it will fade with time.

What to expect after one month of your facelift recovery

After a month, you will be able to return to normal activities. This includes more vigorous exercise in week six. While you will see significant results by now, it can take up to a year for some bruising and swelling to completely disappear. However, the good news is this is minor enough that it will only be noticed by you.

These are rough guidelines as to what to expect when you undergo a facelift. Each patient’s recovery is completely different to the next. The extent of the work carried out and whether you combined it with another procedure, will determine how long the recovery will take.

Mr Horlock will provide full aftercare and recovery instructions to help maximise results. Book a consultation today to learn more about facelift recovery and what to expect.