The latest cosmetic surgery figures released by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), has revealed a small rise in the number of procedures carried out in 2018. According to the figures, tummy tucks and liposuction procedures saw the biggest increases, up by 18% and 12% respectively.

The continued popularity of cosmetic surgery is said to partly be down to celebrities being open about the work they’ve had done, while the popularity of shows such as Love Island is also contributing. The new series has just started this week and has already received criticism for a lack of body diversity within its line-up, surgeons are concerned it will spark a fresh rise in those seeking quick fixes.

High-street and DIY non-surgical procedures on the rise

One of the most worrying things the recent audit revealed, is the rise in high-street and DIY non-surgical procedures. Many patients do not realise the dangers these procedures pose. There is a common misconception that non-surgical procedures are safe and easy to perform such as Botox. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Non-surgical procedures still carry a lot of potential risks; particularly if they are performed incorrectly. BAAPS is concerned over the figures and is calling for additional regulations to be introduced for non-healthcare professionals offering these types of treatments.

Male cosmetic surgery demand dipping

While female cosmetic surgery continues to rise, the number of men going under the knife is falling. According to the audit, male cosmetic surgery fell overall by 4.7% in 2018. However, liposuction remains the most popular procedure, rising 9% across both genders.

The figures also suggest that men are opting instead for non-surgical treatments. Botox and minimally invasive treatments that tweak the appearance, rather than dramatically alter it, are becoming more popular with UK males.

Patients urged not to undergo cosmetic surgery lightly

While cosmetic surgery can deliver many great benefits to patients, BAAPS urges them not to make the decision lightly. Shows such as Love Island are making cosmetic procedures appear trivial and commonplace. However, there are many risks involved and it’s important you’re undergoing a cosmetic surgery procedure for the right reasons and with realistic expectations of what it will achieve.

It’s also important to understand all the potential risks and complications of surgery. Patients should also ensure they are choosing a reliable surgeon to carry out the procedure. While DIY and high-street non-surgical treatments can be tempting, they come with a significant amount of risks.

If you are considering undergoing cosmetic surgery, it’s important to book a consultation with an appropriately qualified and experienced plastic surgeon. BAAPS is one of the UK’s leading plastic surgery associations and members, such as Mr Nigel Horlock, must be on the GMC’s plastic surgery specialist registry, be able to hold a consultant-level position in the NHS and they must also undergo annual safety audits of their work. Prospective patients can, therefore, be assured that a BAAPS member has all the appropriate training and qualifications.