facial surgery

During the first lockdown, the number of patients requesting facial surgery procedures rose significantly. A number of factors are thought to be contributing towards the increase.

Alongside having extra time off from work and the pressure of video calling, it is thought many people are turning to surgery to feel better.

Here, we’ll look at the factors driving people to undergo surgery and the most common procedures they are opting for.

Why are facial procedures more popular now?

Facial procedures have soared throughout the pandemic. Some of the reasons cited for the boom in procedures include:

  • Mask wearing highlights certain areas of the face
  • The rise in Zoom video calls
  • Additional time spent on social media
  • People now have more time to get work done

Wearing masks has highlighted parts of the face, such as the eyes. This has led to many people developing insecurities over how certain parts of their face look. Many are undergoing surgery to correct these new-found imperfections.

There has also been a rise in video calls, forcing people to confront how they look. Additional social media use may have driven demand for facial surgery in order to help people look and feel their best.

With millions of workers furloughed, there is now time to get work done that they may have been considering for a while. As they don’t have to see anybody, it gives them the opportunity to get the work done without anybody noticing.

As the lockdowns have continued, it has also caused the symptoms of mental health issues to increase. Many people are feeling down about the situation, using surgery as a way to pick themselves up. These are just some of the main reasons facial surgery procedures have increased since the pandemic began.

Which treatments are patients requesting?

Some of the most requested treatments include eyelid lifts, facelifts and brow lifts. Full facelifts are the most extensive procedure you can undergo to alter the face.

The less invasive treatments tend to be more popular due to how quick and often painless they are. Eyelid and brow lifts have the potential to significantly change the facial appearance, helping patients to look much younger.

The only treatment that can target dynamic wrinkles around the eyes and on the brow, also known as crow’s feet or frown lines, are Muscle Relaxing Injections. These have also seen a surge in popularity as mask wearing has put all the attention on the eyes and upper third of the face.

Overall, people do seem to be spending more on their face to make themselves feel better during these uncertain times.

It is important not to rush into surgery on the face. To learn whether a facial treatment is right for you, book a consultation with Mr Horlock today.