breast reduction questionsBreast reductions are normally in the top 10 cosmetic procedures carried out it any year and not surprisingly they’re often perceived as a routine operation. It’s generally not complicated and normally you’re back home on the same day. That doesn’t mean that it’s a walk in the park though. These are some of the things to consider before you elect for the procedure.

  1. You may think that you’re just having your breasts reduced but actually to get the desired results you might be advised to have other procedures. It’s possible, for example, that you may need liposuction in other areas such as under the armpits. Your surgeon would discuss and advise on this.
  2. A breast reduction is typically a straightforward procedure and you will usually return home on the same day, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be back to work the next day. It’s still surgery after all. Most surgeons agree that strenuous exercise and lifting is to be avoided for at least six weeks after the operation. You will probably also be advised to wear a sports bra or post-surgery bra for up to three months. Like all surgery, it can leave you feeling tired whilst the body focuses on healing itself. It’s critical to listen to your surgeon’s advice on this.
  3. It may be possible to get a breast reduction through the NHS. NHS rationing has limited the amount of funding for operations such as a breast reduction, but it may be possible to prove that you need this surgery for important health reasons. That means a history of back pain or other complications that couldn’t be sorted out by a professionally fitted bra or physiotherapy.
  4. It could affect your ability to breastfeed. Anyone who’s considering more children should speak to the surgeon about the likely effect on milk production. Depending on the extent of the surgery then some milk ducts and glands may be removed which is why some women leave breast reduction surgery until they’re sure they’ve completed their family.
  5. Don’t splash out on new clothes immediately. Whilst it may be tempting to hit the high street with your new shape it’s probably best to wait a couple of months until everything has settled down as there’s bound to be some swelling after the procedure.
  6. Your nipple sensitivity might change. This can be quite unpredictable. Sometimes there is reduced sensitivity for a while which may last or disappear within a couple of weeks. On the other hand, some women report hypersensitivity after the procedure. Either way, it’s something you need to be aware of as a possible side effect.
  7. Your weight could be important. Whilst it might seem unfair, if you’re overweight then you might be advised to go on a weight loss programme by the surgeon before they can carry out the procedure. Weight gain and loss can also affect the size of your breasts which is something you need to consider. You may have the perfect size breasts a couple of months after the operation but if you gain weight then this could change the results.

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